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Random: Honda Think Simple campaign

Earlier this week I saw a bunch of vintage Honda ads posted on EK Hatch’s blog and one of them made me think:
Honda Think Simple campaign
Honda Think Simple campaign

Think simple! It sound incredible so simple, yet so right about the spirit of Honda.

At the same time I thought of the Apple Think Different campaign:
Apple Think Different campaign
Apple Think Different campaign

Apart from the fact that it uses the type face (clear sign of plagiarism by Apple!) it is also the direct opposite of the Honda spirit…

It almost smells like a parody made on Apple after they came up with the slogan, but I found the following pages to back up the Honda campaign:
Honda Think Simple ad
Similar Honda ad
Another similar Accord ad

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  1. kyteler

    Look at those horrific US-spec bumpers on the Honda cars. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

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