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Carina sightings: Carina AA63 winning D1SL North

Found a Carina AA63 competing in D1SL North 3rd round (Chitose) on Youtube. The car is driven by Taoka Tomokazu and he ends up winning this event!

During quarter finals it competes against a JZX100 Chaser and wins:

During the finals it is put against a Nissan 180SX RPS13 driven by Masayuki Ono Akira where the Carina wins the first run:

The second run the Carina spins due to the 180SX touching the Carina. In the rematch the Carina spins again, but this time by its own error so the error by the 180SX is now nullified. Then in the final run the Carina and 180SX are equally matched in lines, but at the final corner the 180SX spins.

So the outcome is that the Carina won!

The 180SX driver pretends to be angry at his RPS13 and climbs on top of it pretending to stamp on its roof. :D

Of course the Carina could never have come this far without the help of a bit of rain, like what Alexi lacked during his third round in D1SL Central when the track dried up… The rain neutralizes the factor of having a more powerful engine than the others, so even less powerful cars have a good chance of winning. Still it is a very very good result controlling a car in such heavy rain and winning in such fierce competition! ?(ยด?`)/

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