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Down on the Street: 1997 Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V

Last week I already featured another Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V and guess what: within the same week I find another one parked down on the street! Well, actually not on the street but rather inside the parking garage of the nearest Ikea store. Nevertheless, when I drove down the circular ramp I immediately spotted the JZX100 and exclaimed another WTF?!

Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V at the local Ikea
1997 Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V at the local Ikea
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Down on the Street: Toyota Chaser JZX100

I spotted this Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V a few blocks down the road of my daughter’s new school. On the second day I brought her to school it was parked on one of the main roads and then the week after I found it parked in this smaller road.

Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V
Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V

The Tourer V trim level should already explain that this car is powered by a 1JZ with a turbo. This means it’s top of the line of the Chaser X100 family!

Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V
Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V

The rims appear to be 7-spoke aftermarket items and I have to admit I don’t immediately recognize them. However, I’m sure someone in the comments will.

The front spoiler, side skirts and rear skirts are all part of the dealer options as you can see below:

Toyota Chaser JZX100 dealer options
Toyota Chaser dealer options

And also the rear spoiler on the top of the rear window is part of the dealer options:

Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V
Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer V

The rear trunk/bootlid spoiler is not the same as the one found in the 1996 brochure. However, this Chaser JZX100 was sold in 1999 and it could be that the rear spoiler changed over the years when it was sold.

The big canon tailpipe must make a nice deep growl and I would love to hear/see this car drive in person! If you want, you can follow the owner on Instagram under his name @the_sjeeser. That name is actually a pun in Dutch as “sjeezen” means driving real hard!

Commercial Time: Sharknose Toyota Chaser JZX100

The car in the photo below isn’t a Toyota Chaser JZX100, but a Toyota Mark II JZX100. Almost the same thing you might think…
Toyota Mark II JZX100 kaido racer
Well it is not but it was the only photo I could find of a JZX100 kaido racer and I actually might have tricked you to come here and read this by doing so. The whole thing is, everyone nowadays associates the sharknose term with kaido racers and their modified bodywork and I’m also debit on making that term popular with the bosozoku style blog.

Anyway, the ad I found on Youtube is a whole different sharknose Toyota Chaser JZX100 than a modified front end. Watch for your selves: Continue reading

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