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WTF: Nissan Chaser RPS13

Creds go to RA64Freddy for finding this weird Toyota Chaser JZX100 nosejob on a Nissan 180SX RPS13:
Nissan RPS13 Chaser
Nissan RPS13 Chaser

It kind of resembles a Sil80 but then much better looking IMO. Now should it be called a Chas80 or rather a 180X?


  1. B-San

    Saw it quite a while ago and still can make up my mind if its eighter good looking or hella ugly. Oh well, atleast its something new. =] That logo in the grill has to go tough! It makes the gront look like some kinda boring Nissan for the US market (like the Sentra’s). lol

    If I remember correctly there was an other weerd conversion right under the blue RPS13. A red car iirc but can’t recall what the conversion really was. A Chaser or Cefiro with R32 front or something?

  2. 7shades

    AE86 with R32 front clip.

  3. banpei

    Talking about weird conversions, I do know there is an AE86 with R34 front clip in Greece:

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