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Commerical time: very sexy Datsun Sunny B210

Jeremy Clarkson once declared the Nissan Sunny to be the worst car in the world, ever. Obviously I don’t agree with him because we all know the Alfa Romeo Arna was worse! Anyway, to prove Clarkson wrong I’ll show you how sexy a Datsun Sunny B210 can be:

I must add that anything is more sexy than that huge bloke stripping down to his stubbies, so compared to him even Clarkson would have been sexy! ;)

If you still have no idea what this commercial was for back in 2006, you might get some clues in this commercial

[Found on Jalopnik]


  1. kyteler

    From NZ and I’ve never seen it before. Not surprising, I guess. Strangely, the licence plate is supposed to be attached to a Datsun 180B, rather than the 120Y it is attached to. Weird and pointless fact #13798123

  2. banpei

    Maybe you were not the target audience of this commercial! ;)
    A 180B? I’d say that is at least a bit strange… Maybe the owner owned both a 180B and 120Y and switched the plates to prevent to be recognized as the stripping guy? :P

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