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Brochures: Datsun Sunny Mario 120Y

The Mario character from Nintendo appeared for the first time in the Donkey Kong game that got released in 1981. So how could Mario show up on the inside of this 1975 Dutch Datsun Sunny 120Y brochure?
Super Mario Datsun Sunny 120Y
Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, never acknowledged anything about the origin of the character and the wildest stories have been told. Could it perhaps be modelled after this Datsun Sunny 120Y character?

The page shown above is taken from a Dutch brochure that is in typical mid 70s style: Continue reading

Commerical time: very sexy Datsun Sunny B210

Jeremy Clarkson once declared the Nissan Sunny to be the worst car in the world, ever. Obviously I don’t agree with him because we all know the Alfa Romeo Arna was worse! Anyway, to prove Clarkson wrong I’ll show you how sexy a Datsun Sunny B210 can be:

I must add that anything is more sexy than that huge bloke stripping down to his stubbies, so compared to him even Clarkson would have been sexy! ;)

If you still have no idea what this commercial was for back in 2006, you might get some clues in this commercial

[Found on Jalopnik]

Scrapyard drawings on Flickr

I came across these great drawings by reallyloud on Flickr:
Scrapped green Datsun Sunny 120Y
Scrapped green Datsun Sunny 120Y

Most of his drawings are done during the 90s and made available through his flickr sets. This Celica is done really fantastic:
Rusted Toyota Celica TA22
Rusted Toyota Celica TA22

Also most of his other drawings consist of piles of cars and it is some how a bit of a game to recognize them all!

And this drawing of a Datsun 100a really reminds me of the red Cherry my stepdad used to own in the early 80s:
Deteriorated Datsun Cherry 100a
Deteriorated Datsun Cherry 100a

You can find the whole set here:
Scrapyard drawings on Flickr
It mostly contains Japanese tin, but you can see some British metal (rust?) in there as well.

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