Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Japanese rustoseums (part one)

Japanese Nostalgic Car blog found another blog full of rotting J-tin. [???]

Most of these blogs have pictures of rusted cars in both wild and urban areas! It appears like it is a national hobby in Japan to keep your old car outside your house if you have the space for it and otherwise park it in a yard (aka rustoseum) with some other rusty friends.

Just have a look at some cars featured on the blog JNC-blog found:
1967 or 1968 Nissan Cedric C130
1967 or 1968 Nissan Cedric C130

A rare Nissan Cedric C130 Mark 2 from 1967 or 1968 without a windscreen. Windscreen missing == rotten interior! Not good! ?(?`???)?

Nissan Skyline GC10 2 door hardtop coupe
Nissan Skyline GC10 2 door hardtop coupe

A Nissan Skyline C10 2 door hardtop coupe, in other words a KGC10 (GT-X) or a KPGC10 (GT-R). But actually there is no hardtop anymore! Hopefully another GC10 hardtop coupe is happy with its new top…

Nissan Skyline C210 1600ti
Nissan Skyline C210 1600ti

Nissan Skyline C210 1600ti: the lowest spec of the C210 Skyline. A mere L16T inline 4 with double carb setup powered this Skyline. I would still love to own this car though: it would be a lot faster than my Carina! (???)

If you ever wondered what the Skyline C210 without round taillights looks like, have a look at this picture:
Nissan Skyline C210 1600ti rear
Nissan Skyline C210 1600ti rear

Not too bad, isn’t it?

On the same dump there was also this super clean car:
Very clean Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63
Very clean Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63

A Carina GT-TR TA63!! (???)
I have no idea what it was doing there: I could not find a rusty spot on it. Even better: not even a spec of dust! According to the blogger the car was for sale!

Stay tuned for more pictures from Japanese rustoseums!


  1. AndrewGL


    I cant find the blog, where this Carina is. Can you write the link for me, please?


  2. banpei

    Hello Andrew!

    You can find the Carina here:
    Carina GT-TR

  3. AndrewGL

    I dont know how to get in touch with him/her (in english, of course).
    Do you have any ideas?

    Thank you.

  4. banpei

    You can send him a message here:
    But then you would need a minkara account. Getting one is quite hard because you would need to translate every step through Google translate.
    Most probably the guy does not read English, so you would need to communicate in Japanese (using Google translate as well).
    Maybe I can give it a go since I already have a minkara account. ;)

  5. AndrewGL

    Thank you, but I wont translate every page with google.
    As japanese language is (also)formally differs from english (and hungarian), I’m afraid, that I couldn’t even understand what he may try to tell me or ask from me.
    I was just wondering, how much money would he like to get for the car…


  6. david macias garcia

    hola como estan quiero saber si uds. poseen la luces guias del nissan deluxe custom six 1968 por favor las necesitos y digamen cuanto es para comprarlas

  7. Petrushenkov Andrey

    Hi guys! My name is Andrey, I am from Russia. I have a Nissan skyline c211 1979 release. I’ve been doing its restoration. There is no desire to throw a car at the dump. It is very rare. Please help with the search of body parts or help find someone who could help. Thank you! (Google Translate. I’m sorry, my English bad)
    E-MAIL: [email protected]

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