Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Video: the universal language

Even though I don’t understand a word Russian, I do get the feeling I understood about 90% of what the guy said in this video about his Celica AA63:

From what I understand is the following:

Welcome to my garage. As you can see I also have a German Ford Taunus Mk III which is very very rusty. On the other side of my garage I have my Toyota Celica AA63 coupe. It features a 4AGE engine and GT seats. I stripped it completely bare because it is so rusty and I’m doing a full rebuild. To do so I needed an engine lift, which is in this corner, to remove the engine and transmission. That’s about as far as I got with my project.

Maybe it is because I’m getting used to watch and try to understand Japanese car videos or could it be that there is a universal language called video???


  1. TRD

    There you can practice russian language trying to read diary of this car :)

  2. banpei

    Thanks! Will try to. :P

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