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Carina sightings: Russian Carina TA63 sedan

While browsing some pictures of old JDM tin I found a topic on a Russian forum about old Japanese cars in Russia. One of its members owns this great white Carina GT-TR TA63 sedan:
White Russian Carina TA63 sedan
White Russian Carina TA63 sedan

Somehow the wide Russian plate really makes it look more bad than the tinted windows! (???)

The Carina only travelled 162002 kilometers so far:
162002 km on the odometer
162002 km on the odometer

And according the owner the 3T-GTE engine is quite powerful. Of course, anything in such lightweight car feels powerful. ;)

Cruise computer, Aircon, autoreverse tapedeck, sunroof!
Cruise computer, Aircon, autoreverse tapedeck, sunroof!

And the options just keep on going:
electric windows, electric mirrors, cruise computer, air conditioner, gidrach (?) power steering, electricity boards, sunroof, LSD, all disc brakes, the music on 5 speakers (4 + subwoofer), illumination of the driver’s seat and the ignition lock at night

If you are interested in the enormous amount of late 70s and early 80s JDM tin in Russia, see here:
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Video: the universal language

Even though I don’t understand a word Russian, I do get the feeling I understood about 90% of what the guy said in this video about his Celica AA63:

From what I understand is the following:

Welcome to my garage. As you can see I also have a German Ford Taunus Mk III which is very very rusty. On the other side of my garage I have my Toyota Celica AA63 coupe. It features a 4AGE engine and GT seats. I stripped it completely bare because it is so rusty and I’m doing a full rebuild. To do so I needed an engine lift, which is in this corner, to remove the engine and transmission. That’s about as far as I got with my project.

Maybe it is because I’m getting used to watch and try to understand Japanese car videos or could it be that there is a universal language called video???

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