4 Replies to “WTF: JDM or USSRDM?”

  1. This is real 21059 with rotary engine. “The VAZ-21059 Car (first made in 1980) was powered by the two rotor VAZ-411M engine, and also the two rotor VAZ-4132 engine.
    Transmission was a 4 speed manual and the car had an optional extra fuel tank.”

  2. Thanks Tony! Glad it isn’t a replica. But why the Banzai flag on the hood?
    BTW: Radicallylowcars is a great site! I did read it with great interest. 🙂

  3. Yes? That’s VAZ-2105, Moscow car(registration number)
    I think the owner wanted a Japanese car, but money sufficed only on VAZ, And VAZ at Us this cheap bucket. Sorry if I make mistakes in translation.

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