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HaCHiRoCK Festa 2013: Illest Trueno

In the category of the reverse fetishes: Japanese nowadays love the USDM look and this Illest Trueno on HaCHiRoCK Festa 2013 proves it: The whole car breathes Illest, Fatlace, hellaflush and any other style that emerged from the United States. On the left side deep dished bright green RS Watanabe (rear) rims:…

Family Album Treasures: Jokers Mazda Cosmo AP

Of course I would be proud if I would own a Mazda Cosmo AP with 13b rotary engine in the eighties! Jokers Mazda Cosmo AP 13b This particular Cosmo AP was owned by one of the members of the Aoyama Jokers and later on this car became one of the most iconic bosozoku styled Cosmo…


Somehow I think this Russian VAZ-21059 (aka Lada 2105) got a small identity problem: JDM or USSRDM VAZ-21059 Or could it be that it is actually a 21059 replica powered by a Mazda 12A or 13B?