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Carina sightings: tuned Carina Surf (van) with 20v 4AGE blacktop

I came across this very nice tuned and lowered Carina Surf:
Tuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktopTuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktopTuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktop
I must say it is not overdone and these rims fit the car very well!

The Surf is the public version of he Carina Van and came standard with a 1S 1800cc engine and had a solid rear axle (like my TA60). Basically it is the same as the Van, but it is more luxurious.

This car has been tuned with a 20v 4AGE blacktop:
20v 4age blacktop in Carina SurfOriginal gauge cluster
But it still got the originial gauge cluster. Why isn’t there a aftermarket revmeter? Perhaps the owner doesn’t stress the car??

The car has also a bed in it. Must be really comfortable for all those meetings the owner is attending. ;)
Even a bed in the Carina Surf

And it is not the only nicely tuned Carina Surf/Van around:
Carina Surf next to other Carina vans
Next to it you can see the famous very lowered Carina Firevan!

Also a strange thing: I can’t find the owner of the Carina Firevan. I can only find it in pictures of other people attending meetings. Did anyone else find the owner yet?

??? ???????

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  1. David Nguyen

    i wish my wagon had a BT 20v

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