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Down on the Street: Forgotten Glory Civic EJ

I was hesitating whether to post this Honda Civic coupe EJ as a rustoseum or as Down on the Street, but as it is more a funguseum than a rustoseum it became the latter…
Forgotten Glory Honda Civic Coupe EJ
I did spotted this Civic coupe driving around my hometown frequently several years ago but apparently its owner lost interest in it.

I first did see it parked around this spot about two years ago, moving to its current location about a year ago: Continue reading

Rustoseums: Nissan Violet SSS

This (nowadays) very rare second generation Datsun Violet is not for the faint hearted as its original color has been replaced by bubbly brown patina:
Datsun Violet A10 SSS Rustoseum
The Datsun Violet 160J SSS A10 was sold in Europe with the twin carbed L16T and was top of the line Violet back then. Given the state of this Violet now I reckon it should be currently at the bottom of the line. ;)

Can it really be that bad? Yes it can! Just take a look on the other side of the car: Continue reading

My Carina: Progress on the rear inner fender!

Finally I can post up some progress made on fixing the inner fenders: on the left rear inner fender all rust has been solved and it just needs a little skim with the angle grinder before it can receive its new coating.
My Carina: Left rear inner fender fixed
But during the fixup the welder kind of set the rear seat belt on fire, so I’m in need of a new one.
If you, by chance, have a 73370-14030-01 lying around I would be very happy to release you from it. ;)

And yes: I’m in need of some replacement springs. Once it has been fixed up that’s my next priority!

On the other side it doesn’t look this good yet: Continue reading

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