My Carina: Progress on the rear inner fender!

Finally I can post up some progress made on fixing the inner fenders: on the left rear inner fender all rust has been solved and it just needs a little skim with the angle grinder before it can receive its new coating.
My Carina: Left rear inner fender fixed
But during the fixup the welder kind of set the rear seat belt on fire, so I’m in need of a new one.
If you, by chance, have a 73370-14030-01 lying around I would be very happy to release you from it. 😉

And yes: I’m in need of some replacement springs. Once it has been fixed up that’s my next priority!

On the other side it doesn’t look this good yet:
My Carina: Right inner fender more rust found
Using a hammer on the inner fender on the inside of my trunk revealed much more rust…

And on the outside:
My Carina: Right inner fender more rust found
Hey bro! I can see your insides! 😀
This will, naturally, be fixed up as well.

Some of you who are member of the TACN may have seen my car for sale in the quarterly magazine. I made a decision last week to remove it from sale. I simply can’t bring myself to sell it… (yet)