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My Carina: Progress on the rear inner fender!

Finally I can post up some progress made on fixing the inner fenders: on the left rear inner fender all rust has been solved and it just needs a little skim with the angle grinder before it can receive its new coating.
My Carina: Left rear inner fender fixed
But during the fixup the welder kind of set the rear seat belt on fire, so I’m in need of a new one.
If you, by chance, have a 73370-14030-01 lying around I would be very happy to release you from it. ;)

And yes: I’m in need of some replacement springs. Once it has been fixed up that’s my next priority!

On the other side it doesn’t look this good yet:
My Carina: Right inner fender more rust found
Using a hammer on the inner fender on the inside of my trunk revealed much more rust…

And on the outside:
My Carina: Right inner fender more rust found
Hey bro! I can see your insides! :D
This will, naturally, be fixed up as well.

Some of you who are member of the TACN may have seen my car for sale in the quarterly magazine. I made a decision last week to remove it from sale. I simply can’t bring myself to sell it… (yet)


  1. Thomas

    good that you decided not to sell!

    • banpei

      It was a tough decision to sell it and not so hard to revert that. :P

  2. Stefan

    I feel you on the rust, would have a lot to do on our 86 cherry. But dont sell, or depending on what you have planned instead?

    • banpei

      Well, I was under the impression there was no rust on the floorpan as on the outside it was nice and clean. Shows you how you can be deceived by the looks on the outside. ;)
      And I won’t sell the car for now. Plans are first to stiffen and lower the suspension, then to put a bit more oomph in it by an engine swap.

  3. alvaro lazarte cespedes

    Greetings I have a SA60 carina which I’m changing the original motor 1-its a nissan sr20 so I need to change the suspension for a sport is there any brand that manufactures suspension for this model? I was looking online and found the greddy type-s but I’m not ceguro that I do not expect him or help me answer this question I need to clarify thanks

    • banpei

      It depends on what suspension your SA60 got… AFAIK the rear of the SA60 should be the same as mine: the same as the Corona and Corolla got so you could use those springs (still need to verify this). Shocks is a bit more difficult as they are mounted differently from the Corolla.

      Front struts should be either the same ones as the KE70 Corolla got or the AE86 Corolla/AA63 Celica got. They do differ a bit in top mounts, but they take the same shocks. Springs are obviously dependent on the size, so either KE70 or AE86/AA63 items. But you should also be able to use the same coil over solutions here and that would solve the springs immediately. ;)

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