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Ebay treasures: 1969 Mazda Luce 1500SS

The first generation Mazda Luce was sold in Europe as the Mazda 1500 and Mazda 1800. As Mazda was using its performance image, thanks to successful rotary engine racing, to sell cars naturally the Mazda Luce 1500SS (Super Sport) performance model was also sold. The treasure today is such a model, hence the SS badge on the grille:
Ebay Treasures: Mazda Luce 1500SS
The Mazda Luce 1500SS had a twin carburettor setup added to the existing 1490cc Mazda UB engine which increased the power from 78PS to 86PS. Not a lot, but enough to make the car more responsive.

This particular 1500SS seems to be in pretty good shape: Continue reading

Friday Video: The very first Best Motoring video!

Back in December 1987 the very first issue of Best Motoring video became available. The video was a monthly magazine containing not only car news and reviews but also extensive how-to’s on subjects of mastering cornering or drifting. KaKo posted this video in four separate parts:
Best Motoring first video: Mitsubishi HSR Concept
The first video covers the Nissan MID-4 II, Toyota FXV-Ⅱ and Mitsubishi HSR concept cars. Followed by a short video (in sepia) about the Tokyo Motor Show from the 50s till 80s including the 27th motorshow that just happened days before the release of the video. And last part of the first video covers an extensive test between various cars including the new (second generation) CR-X Si and the Nissan Skyline GTS-X R31.

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Commercial Time: 1974 Luce AP

In the last month of 1974 Mazda revealed a new revolutionary Luce: the Luce AP! AP stands for Anti Pollution and in 1974 it was really necessary to do something against the bad breath of the rotary engine.

A few months later Mazda revealed the second generation Cosmo with the same acronyms AP. Cleaner cars for the future: that was all that mattered for marketing in the 1970s.

Link to video: Luce AP ad

Commerical time: Mazda Luce Cosmo HB

This Luce Cosmo (HB platform) is placed in a Beverly Hills surrounding with an American license plate. I’ve seen this advertising trick more often with these old commercials. Were the Japanese thinking that when a car had an American license plate and a sunny Californian setting it would be with loved by the Americans? Or has Amercian approval? Or had American style?

For sure this Luce Cosmo never made it to the US at all!
And I love the Kossumoo! at the end! :)

Commerical time: Mazda Luce Lotatly Turbo

Even though every second of this commercial screams early 80s forward thinking it still didn’t convince enough people that the rotary engine would be the solution to every problem. The new Luce was a big luxurious Japanese battleship and weighted 1450 kilograms. Not exactly movable by its 1.3 liter 13B rotary engine.

On the other hand it hits the bullseye: luxurious sedans need a silent less vibrating engine like the 13B. Unfortunately the rotary engine lacks the torque. Nevertheless I would still like to own such a thing any day!

I love the lotaly turbo chime at the end.

Japanese rustoseums (part fourteen)

How can anyone leave a beautiful Mazda Luce Rotary gather dust and rust?
(R/D)usty Mazda Luce Rotary (RX4)
(R/D)usty Mazda Luce Rotary (RX4)

Judging from the amount of stuff around the Luce Rotary it must have been there for ages! There is even a pair of hedge shears on top of it! Apparently the owner of this RX4 didn’t have the time to repair or rebuild it, so it is currently gathering great amounts of dust and other junk!

This rusty Sprinter Trueno TE27 is also gathering a lot, but not dust! It is gathering plants:
Rusty Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27
Rusty Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE27

How can you let such a rare car rust away? The foliage is even growing through the trunk outside! Apparently someone thought it would be fruitful to park his old Trueno in his front yard and hope its 2T-G will grow by itself!

Last but not least, behold the rust on this Daihatsu Mira L70:
Daihatsu Mira L70
Daihatsu Mira L70

There is nothing fancy about this car, but I thought the massive amount of rust looked kind of beautiful!

Found at Toyota80’s and White peach’s photozou.

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