Down on the Street: well used Toyota Corolla AE86 GT-S

April 1, 2014 in dots

As I said earlier today (I’m in a different timezone): if I encounter more nice cars I’ll definitely post them. So how about a well used Toyota Corolla AE86 GT-S in the Milpitas Wallmart parkinglot?
Down on the Street: Toyota Corolla AE86 GT-S
While I was taking this photo the owner returned (hence this photo turned out not entirely sharp) and I had a short chat with him. He told me he is on the verge of buying a Scion FR-S as he is tired of continuously repairing an old and tired car. He offered me the car for sale but I friendly declined the offer. It will simply not fit in my suitcase and I guess my wife will kill me if I returned home and explained I just paid a fortune to ship a car to Europe. 😉

From every angle you can see that the sunny weather in California isn’t doing any good to the car: Read the rest of this entry →

Commercial time: Rockit on top of the 2014 Corolla GT-S AE86!

September 6, 2013 in advertisement, commercial, commercial time

Just spotted this one on Jalopnik and thought it is well worth to share: the new 2014 USDM Corolla never get out of style and Toyota proves this with a commercial that shows you every decade is full of Corolla. For instance the 70s is full of KE35:
New USDM Corolla 2014!
And apparently the 80s is full of Herbie Hancock’s Rockit with a real fine USDM Corolla GT-S AE86 which got its front bumper periodically correct replaced by a kouki JDM item and a skate girl dancing on top of its roof… Did Toyota fail to find a genuine example? 😉

Anyway, here is the whole video: Read the rest of this entry →

Count the hachis!

February 27, 2013 in count

No I’m not dead yet… Just a bit overloaded at work. Last week finished up a Dutch MySQL User Group meetup, preparations for my presentation at the Percona Live conference (subject Performance monitoring for MySQL) in April so there was little time to post here.

Anyway, today I found this beautiful picture posted by RGEris on AEU86:
Count the hachis on this Puerto Rican Toyota Cemetery
Can you count the number of hachis in this Puerto Rican Toyota cemetery?
(or should I say count the SR5s and GTS-es. 😉 )

Via RGeris @ AEU86 and Profilik-one

Reverse Fetish: USDM AE86 Gauge Cluster at Auctions Yahoo!

January 28, 2013 in reverse fetish

I’ve posted up a couple of reverse fetishes so far and I even posted an AE86 Gauge cluster before (which was wrongly indicated as EUDM). Japanese like overseas stuff like the Datsun 240K badges or Renault 5 Turbos. So not surprisingly this USDM AE86 Gauge cluster from a US Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 is currently picking up some serious money on Auctions Yahoo:
Reverse Fetish: USDM AE86 Gauge cluster for sale on Auctions Yahoo
It is functional, its speedo goes all the way up to 150mph (240km/h) and it is mirrored in layout. Can you guess what the current price is???
price, pictures and auction link on the next page

WTF: Animated tail lights?

October 26, 2012 in WTF

Jalopnik posted today a very simplistic idea/how-to about turning netbooks into animated tail lights and guess what they used as an example?
Jalopnik's tail light to tail screen
Indeed: a US/kouki Corolla GT-S AE86 tail light! I actually liked the idea that they picked Nyan Cat as the animation! 😀

Is this going to be the next automotive craze? And if so, as Jalopnik states, sequential animated tail lights are legal: so why not?

SF Bay area: went to a drift event (part 3)

May 7, 2011 in sf bay area

Last week I posted up black and white photos of the drift exhibition at Infineon Raceway and this week I’ll share the only “okay” photos from the color film I used.

You can hardly make out the Lexus GS300 on this picture:
Infineon drift exhibition: Lexus GS300
Infineon drift exhibition: Lexus GS300

I think the exposure is alright but the duration was just a tad too long. Limitations of the camera obviously show here: my Zenit only supports 1/30th till 1/500th of a second and alternatively you will have to do it yourself with the “bulb” selection.

Also this photo with lots of light trails worked out fine:
Infineon drift exhibition: light trails
Infineon drift exhibition: light trails

Would have been better if I would have brought along a tripod and took a picture from above. Of course there is always a next time to do so. 😉

Last but not least: at the end three Corolla GT-S AE86s were doing a tandem drift and you can still make out the trailing 2 door coupe:
Infineon drift exhibition: hachis in a tandem drift
Infineon drift exhibition: hachis in a tandem drift

As I said in the previous posting: with a flashlight I could have frozen the image a bit more but I’m actually quite content with the result!

Now tomorrow I’ll be heading to the Dutch JAF (Japans Auto Festival) held at Zandvoort so I’m curious what kind of pictures that will bring. If you want to meet up, just send me an email and otherwise you can recognize me by looking for an tall Asian looking guy with long hair and a vintage camera around his neck. 😉