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Brilliant: Soarer lace seat covers

One of the things that is typically Japanese are the lace seat (or headrest) covers that you mostly see in Japanese taxis or luxury cars. Apparently Toyota sold OEM lace covers with the Soarer griffin logo embroided on them: This Soarer was photographed outside Gallery L who is renowned for restoring beautiful kyusha cars. The…

Brilliant: Pigsbutt Laurel in RS Turbo liverage

I already saw this one in Mike Garrett’s coverage of the JCCA NYM on Speedhunters, but nevertheless nice to see another picture of such a brilliant car: The only things missing now are the RS Turbo decals on the side of the car! Found at Minkara

Brilliant: Mini nosejob on an Alto van!

In contrary to last weeks Celica this nosejob is an absolute winner! It is a 1989 Suzuki Alto CA72V walkthrough delivery van that has been Mini-fied. Not that the Also already was small enough but it really needed a bit more classy nose. Also on the inside it has been brilliantly modified:…