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Brilliant: Soaring smokers

I found this brilliant ashtray on a blog about deep dished rims and I must say that the concept of uniting smokers with the 7M-GTE turbo engine of the Soarer MZ21 is a stoke of genius!
Soarer Super Turbo ashtray
Of course now 25 years later this ashtray has become a blast of the past…

Found at

Brilliant: Bassie en Adriaan still not retired!

I’ve featured the Dutch circus duo Bassie en Adriaan a couple of times now, but this new footage is too great not to share!
Bassie en Adriaan get a Honda Civic for free!
Apparently Honda managed to get the two together again to perform a new social media campaign to promote the new European Honda Civc while the two of them should, according to the Dutch media, actually have a healthy brotherly war.

Money talks and perhaps their pensions went up in smoke during the credit crunch. Also both of them look a bit aged now: Adriaan (acrobat) can’t hardly hide his belly and wrinkles while Bassie (clown) looks a bit worked out after all that diy.

In the video you can see the duo travelling to the Honda dealer in their 80s red/yellow polkadot Honda Prelude and caravan: Continue reading

Brilliant: Swap a Honda F20 into a Celica XX

I think many purists will think this is blasphemy but I think it was a genius who thought of swapping the Honda F20 engine (presumably F20C) into a Celica XX GA61:

Why? Well the F20 is more powerful and has nearly the same torque as the 1G-(G)EU engine but a lot less in weight (almost equal to the 1G-GEU including its gearbox!). Now where can I get one of these babies swapped into my Carina? 😛

Direct link to video: ??????20????????

Lots of JDM classics in 1Q84!

As you may have noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. The main reason for this is because I’ve been selected as a presenter at the Percona Live MySQL conference in Santa Clara on April 12th. This takes a lot of preparation so I literally have no spare time left till the conference is over.

In the meanwhile one of the preparations was to buy a book for the 11 hour flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco and as Haruki Murakami already is one of my favorite writers I chose his latest book called 1Q84 to be the best choice. Murakami is renowned for his tremendous amount of details in his writing and I’m sure this book certainly won’t disappoint me.
Haruki Murakami 1Q84
I could not resist reading the first chapter and already starts great for a JDM classic fanatic like me: in the first chapter it gets clear that the setting in 1984 and the main character is in a traffic jam. The following cars get mentioned:
1. Toyota Crown Royal Saloon (probably MS120 as it is the new model)
2. Nissan Pajero
3. Suzuki Alto (probably SS40)
4. black Toyota Celica (hopefully a AA63 or TA63 😉 )
So you can guess this really is mind blowing for me: just picturing all these late Showa cars being queued on the Tokyo Expressway 3. Just had to share this joy and recommend reading this book.

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