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Brilliant: Bassie en Adriaan still not retired!

I’ve featured the Dutch circus duo Bassie en Adriaan a couple of times now, but this new footage is too great not to share!
Bassie en Adriaan get a Honda Civic for free!
Apparently Honda managed to get the two together again to perform a new social media campaign to promote the new European Honda Civc while the two of them should, according to the Dutch media, actually have a healthy brotherly war.

Money talks and perhaps their pensions went up in smoke during the credit crunch. Also both of them look a bit aged now: Adriaan (acrobat) can’t hardly hide his belly and wrinkles while Bassie (clown) looks a bit worked out after all that diy.

In the video you can see the duo travelling to the Honda dealer in their 80s red/yellow polkadot Honda Prelude and caravan:

Upon arrival Bassie (the clown) seeks the salesguy to get a free Honda Civic. Apparently if you are able to convince a friend of yours on video in an unique way and share it through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, whatever) you and your friend can win a free Honda Civic.

Now I only hope the free Honda Civic won’t be the red/yellow polkadot one the duo is leaving in.

Through GeenStijl

Direct link to video: Some things can’t be shared

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  1. Thomas

    wow, Adriaan is looking very old indeed!

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