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Happy Easter with the Suzuki Lapin!

I wish you a happy Easter with one of the cutest cars by Suzuki: the Lapin! Lapin means rabbit or bunny in French, so now you know the connection with the Easter bunny!

Suzuki Lapin HE21 in 2002
Suzuki Lapin HE21 in 2002

Lapin history

The Suzuki Lapin was launched in 2002 as a cubical kei car based on the underpinnings of the Suzuki Alto. It also got sold as the Mazda Spanio under the Autozam flag, but that car is less interesting as it’s just a rebadged version of the Lapin.

Rabbit accents everywhere!

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Grandpa AE86 taking grandchild GR86 for a grand day out – Brilliant

This photo of a German Toyota Corolla GT Twin Cam 16 AE86 and a Toyota GR86 is just brilliant!

Grandpa AE86 takes grandson GR86 for a day out!
Grandpa AE86 takes grandson GR86 for a day out!

As you can see, both have a personalized vanity plate with AE86 in it! It was posted in the German AE86 WhatsApp group and the first comment was “Opa und Enkel on tour.” which roughly translates to Grandpa taking grandchild for a day out. Just simply brilliant!

I’m sorry to say this to the owner of the Toyota GR86: you got the wrong plate! It should have been MD-GR-86! But you could also say I’m just jealous we can’t get personalized plates here in the Netherlands…

Better than JDM: German AE86 vanity license plates – Brilliant

For readers from the US, this is probably difficult to understand, but not every country has vanity plates. And even if they are allowed, most of the time they aren’t completely free form. A good example is the British plates where you often need to decypher what the buyer intended. German plates do allow a bit of freedom, but most of the format is set in stone.

VW Polo with German license plate BRB-AE-86
VW Polo with German license plate BRB-AE-86
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Brilliant: Nissan Leopard F31 keyless entry card

Nissan was forward thinking on their flagship the Nissan Leopard F31 back in 1986: it featured a keyless entry card! Earlier Glorias and Cedrics already featured pin-code like systems, but they keyless entry card is going way further than that!
Nissan Leopard F31 keyless entry card
This card has the size of a credit card and the thickness of a modern smartphone, but allows the wearer to open the doors and trunk without the use of a key!

The system was actually quite simple:
Nissan Leopard F31 keyless entry card
Two sensors operate this system: one in the driver side mirror and another in the rear bumper. Both sensors will unlock either the driver side door or the trunk separately from each other.The system was only available on the Ultima edition of the Nissan Leopard F31.

Via: Minkara

Brilliant: longest car name on a Nissan Leopard GF31

Previously I thought the Nissan Cedric Y30 V3.0 Turbo Brougham VIP was supposed to be the longest name given to a car ever, but I stand corrected with this Nissan Leopard 870 Ultima GF31 3.0 V6 Twin Cam (intelligent adult coupe):
Brilliant: Nissan Leopard 870 Ultima
The Nissan Leopard GF31 is a typical mid 80s luxurious grand tourer and continuously improved with the latest and greatest technical gadgets like any Japanese car manufacturer did by the end of the 80s. Oh I love the 80s and Japanese cars from the bubble era!

The question is: what is an intelligent adult coupe?

Found at: High-Top-Fade

Let’s make this happen: Initial D legos

Yesterday I received an email (sent to AEU86) from Denil Oh if we could run his Initial D legos box proposal on our forums. Of course we could, and even better: we’ll promote the heck out of it as it needs 10000 supporters to get it to reality and that sounds like it would be doable!
Initial D Legos idea
The Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 complete with Takumi Fujiwara and the Fujiwara Tofu Shop the box would be an excellent starter for both kids and adults: adults (like me) remembering the series and buying the box for their kids to enjoy! ;)

This legos box proposal is so brilliant, the car is a really simple yet stunning design: Continue reading

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