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Brilliant: Nissan Leopard F31 keyless entry card

Nissan was forward thinking on their flagship the Nissan Leopard F31 back in 1986: it featured a keyless entry card! Earlier Glorias and Cedrics already featured pin-code like systems, but they keyless entry card is going way further than that!
Nissan Leopard F31 keyless entry card
This card has the size of a credit card and the thickness of a modern smartphone, but allows the wearer to open the doors and trunk without the use of a key!

The system was actually quite simple:
Nissan Leopard F31 keyless entry card
Two sensors operate this system: one in the driver side mirror and another in the rear bumper. Both sensors will unlock either the driver side door or the trunk separately from each other.The system was only available on the Ultima edition of the Nissan Leopard F31.

Via: Minkara


  1. Skylinefreak

    This system was available on the R31 Skyline Passage GT as well.

    • banpei

      Thanks! Was the passage like the top level Skyline?

    • Sven_Q45

      According to some of my brochures and a Taiwanese page it was also aviable on the Cefiro A31, Laurel C33, Cedric/Gloria Y31 and the Cedric/Gloria Cima FY31.

  2. Graham Clayton

    Why was the keyless entry card system abandoned? I suppose that if the card malfunctioned, there was no way to gain entry into the car?

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