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WTF: Celica got a bad nosejob!

I know it is a photoshop, but it is a very scary photoshop: a two door Celica coupe mated with a Celica XX (a.k.a. Celica Supra) nose!
Bad nosejob Celica XX TA63
I know the Celica XX is actually a lengthened three door Celica hatchback but somehow that looks totally right and this two door looks totally wrong.

Found at Chillin and Hachiroku @ Minkara


  1. DarkSupra

    Someone building it for real:

    • banpei

      Aaargh! :D

  2. Tizer

    There are a few convertible ‘Supra’s’ floating around aswell. They are just Celica’s with a Supra nose, but still. Looks the same :)

    I really like the look

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