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Ebay treasures: German Toyota Sports 800

I spotted this Ebay treasure a few days ago on AEU86. The German user fax0815 found this Toyota Sports 800 on Ebay kleinanzeigen (small ads) for a mere 7000 euros!
German Toyota sport 800
Just imagine: for only 7000 euros you can own one of the most sought after Toyotas! And according to doggy its price has dropped from 9900 euros to 7000 euros already!

Obviously there is a drawback: it is not really in a good shape… See also this picture in what shape driver side is:
German Toyota sport 800
Ugh… Sounds like a nice project to keep me busy for the upcoming years. Too bad I don’t have 7K available to spend upon it…

Links to the ads: Ebay and

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  1. Tizer

    Poor, poor car.. Barnfind for sure. But who would neglect such an awesome car?!

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