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JDM Trivia #7: Kaido Racer part swaps

JDM Trivia #7

The feedback I got from the picture I posted was great! Some people suffer from Pareidolia just like me. Pareidolia is when you see faces in everything and some of you saw angry and happy faces in the photo. But what I actually was aiming for were the swapped tail lights on the kaido racer in this photo. Some of the commenters already uncovered me as the person behind the Bosozoku Style blog and yes that’s me.
JDM Trivia #7: Kaido Racer part swaps
In the kaido racers scene swapping parts between various cars is a highly valued modification, especially if it something original.

Kaido Racer part swaps

I haven’t done any statistics on this but I can say the most swapped parts are the tail lights of a Nissan Cherry X-1R and most of them end up on either a Skyline C110 or C210.

Second most swapped parts are the banana tail lights of the first generation JDM Toyota Celica liftback and it is unbelievable how well they look on Glorias, Fairladies, Skylines and Laurels. It is almost like the Nissan owners are jealous of this magnificent Toyota design.

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Carina Sightings: Bosozoku Style Carina coupe

I already posted this Carina on last monday, but I really have to share it here! The Carina is a bit hard to detect under all that extra bodywork, but if you look close enough you will surely recognize it as a Carina coupe! To be more exact: it is the white car @0:10, 0:15, 0:24, 3:06, 3:12, so more than enough opportunities to see it! ;)

Initially I thought there was a Toyota Celica A60 underneath all those spoilers and wings. With the front and rear section gone it was a bit hard to see: the mid section of the A60 is shared between the Ceclia and Carina coupe and they are almost identical to eachother. The headlights kind of revealed it to me: the parkinglights in the middle were gone. Then I looked at the doorhandles, sure enough they are older type sticking out of the bodywork and not sunken into the door. And last I saw the vertical stripes on the B pilar which was only on the Carina and not on the Celica.

I have been searching several sites for more videos/pictures of this car, but so far none of my searches have proved to be fruitful. When I do find more on this car I’ll certainly post more about it! :)

Popular Bosozoku cars: Toyota Mark II X3/X4

This weeks highlight is the Toyota Mark II X3/X4. The bodystyle is very distinct and can easily be recognized between all other bosozoku cars. A good example is this really nice Shakotan style Mark II X3:
Shakotan style Toyota Mark II X3
Shakotan style Toyota Mark II X3

This Shakotan styled Mark II really shows how this almost stock car can be made very beautiful by simply adding two tone paint, a set of fat stretched tires and lowering the car till the ground.

The Mark II is a very popular model because it has very American styling, like the cokebottle lines and its grille and headlights are more British. This combination is ideal for the early 80s Granchan style.
Bosozoku style Toyota Mark II X4
Bosozoku style Toyota Mark II X4

This Bosozoku styled example has it all: extra wide fenders, big chin spoiler, oil cooler, changed (square) headlights and a very big wing on the trunk!

Bosozoku style Toyota Mark II X3
Bosozoku style Toyota Mark II X3

No headlights at all? Is that road-legal in Japan? Or are the headlights hidden somewhere? Then again: those big exhausts are not road-legal either…

Bosozoku style Toyota Mark II X3
This really shows how beautiful the Mark II rear can be with widened fenders, stretched tires and a big exhaust pointing high in the air.

The first Mark II was originally meant as a Corona model between the Crown and the normal Corona, hence the Mark II tag.
Factory stock Toyota Cressida MX41
Factory stock Toyota Cressida MX41

The X3 and X4 are the third generation of the Mark II (shouldn’t it be called Mark IV then? ;) ) and was sold as the Toyota Cressida overseas.

The difference between the X3 and the facelifted X4 are minor: only the grille and foglights are a tiny bit restyled. I couldn’t find a clear factory stock X3 picture, so you have to compare it with one of the Bosozoku styled cars. ;)

Factory stock Toyota Cressida MX41
Factory stock Toyota Cressida MX41

The Cressida’s and Mark II differ only in engines: the European version had the high performance 18R engine while the American version had the older 4M engine. In Japan they had a wide variety in engines: 1L, 1M, 4M, 16R, 18R, 21R, 3T, 13T.

Only the 4M and 18R are true worthy engines for this car: the 4M because it is a SOHC inline 6 and has a big displacement and gives a smooth ride. The 18R because it is a high performance DOCH inline 4 with fuel injection and creates a sporty ride.

The X3 and X4 had an A43DL 4-speed automatic optional. This automatic had an overdrive and an overdrive lockout. Nowadays this sounds not like a big deal with all those 7 and 8 speed automatics, but back then the overdrive lockout was a major improvement.

Personally I would love to own a 4 door X3/X4 myself as a daily driver and slam it to the ground shakotan style. ;)

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