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Popular Bosozoku cars: Nissan Gloria / Cedric C330

This week I wanted to highlight the Nissan Gloria / Cedric C330. :)

Nissan Gloria C330 Bosozoku style
Nissan Gloria C330 Bosozoku style

The mid 70s cokebottle styled Gloria and Cedric and pilarless doors are excellent bodyshapes for a bosozoku styled car! It looks really wild in its shape, it’s got the big bad attitude of the early VIP cars and with the big flared fenders it looks even more wicked!

Nissan Gloria C330 Yanky style
Nissan Gloria C330 Yanky style

These yanky styled Gloria C330s really looks a bit more like an American hotrod than a Bosozoku styled car. Only the exhaust gives away these cars. ;)

Bosozoku styled Nissan Gloria C330
Bosozoku styled Nissan Gloria C330

The differences between the Gloria and Cedric are so minor that with a Bosozoku style makeover you can’t even tell if it is a Gloria or Cedric anymore! But this should be a Gloria

Both Cedric and Gloria were rivals of the Toyota Crown. Apart from the outragous President both vehicles were the flagships of the company.

The Gloria joined the Nissan lineup after Price merged with Nissan. From what I understood the Gloria was the upmarket car and the Cedric more or less the downsized car. In the previous generation of both vehicles this was even more clear: the Cedric featured less chrome and an hood ornament!

Just like its predecessor, the C230, the C330 features pilarless rear door, so there is no B post between the front and rear door. This to mimic late 60s and early 70s American cars even more.

Most cars feature the L26 engine but the L20 engine was also available but mainly used in the taxi variant of this car.

Factory stock Nissan Cedric C330 and Nissan Gloria C330
Almost factory stock Nissan Gloria C330

On this picture with almost factory stock Glorias you can clearly see how beautifully styled these C330s actually were! If I were to find one of these beauties in the Netherlands (they were sold here!) I doubt whether I would keep them stock or slam them to the ground Shakotan style!

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Popular Bosozoku cars: Toyota Soarer

This is going to be a regular here: it would be nice to see some really mild to really wild examples of the Bosozoku style cars and then read how they came out of the factory. ;)

This week we’ll kick off with the Toyota Soarer:
Two Bosozoku styled Soarers resemble mobile suits from Gundam
Two Bosozoku styled Soarers

As you probably have read in the introduction an extremely lowered Soarer featured Shakotan Boogie. This most probably helped its popularity among Bosozoku stylers and most Toyota Soarers you see on Bosozoku car meetings are Shakotan Boogie look-a-likes.

Lengthened hood and overfenders on this Soarer
Lengthened hood and overfenders on this Soarer

This milder styled car is of course an exception: it has a lengthened hood and overfenders as well. But apart from that it looks quite stock.

Really gone wild on this Toyota Soarer
Someone has really gone wild on this Toyota Soarer

Big wing, deep dish wheels with huge overfenders and sideskirts wide enough to have somebody stand on!

The Z10 is the most popular Bosozoku styled Toyota Soarer, probably because of its boxy shape and because it is quite cheap to buy. Z20 Soarers are hardly seen and I’ve never seen any Bosozoku styled Z30 and Z40 Soarers, but never say never. ;)

How did it come out of the factory then?
Factory stock Toyota Soarer Z10
Factory stock Toyota Soarer Z10

The Soarer itself was a successor to the Toyota Crown Coupe, which was a 2 door version of the Crown with a bit more sporty suspension. The Soarer itself did just as well as the Crown Coupe. The Soarer shared the same engines as the Crown and the CelicaXX.

Factory stock Toyota Soarer Z10
Factory stock Toyota Soarer Z10

Because it shared the same engines as the CelicaXX it is often confused to be the same platform with a different bodyshape, like the Celica and the Carina have. However there is a Supra JZA70 with a Soarer Z20 frontend which makes the confusion even bigger.

Factory stock Toyota Soarer Z10 interior
Factory stock Toyota Soarer Z10 interior

To confuse it even more: a lot of the interior components of the Soarer look like the interior of the CelicaXX. True, but the CelicaXX also shared a lot of components with the Corolla AE86.

Tiptronic climate control
Tiptronic climate control

The Soarer was the most luxurious car in the Toyota lineup (apart from the Toyota Century of course!) and featured all the state of the art technology! In the picture above you can see the climate control of the Soarer is featuring tiptronic controls, other buttons were normal but about everything is electronically adjustable. The Soarer also featured a digital dashboard, state of the art 4 speed automatic (with sports setting!) and the passenger door had a seperate doorhandle for the passengers in the rear!

I hope you can see now why a Bosozoku styler would choose for the Soarer Z10: it is an incredible car with a lot of comfort which can’t even be found in cars from the 90s! Besides that: it is a very cool car itself.

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Hilarious: extemely highered Bosozoku style car

Yesterday I already wrote about, so I thought today’s Hilarious posting should definitely be about the Bosozoku style! :P

Well, apart from the exhaust Champion picture I posted in the the Bosozoku Carina Sightings there was also another interesting car on that very same meeting:

According to the poster this meeting should be held by the Tan Family which is a former motorcycle gang.

Here you can see it in action:

When I saw the car first I thought it would most probably have, apart from the obvious speedbump trouble, a cornering problem. Looks like the guy did a good job and changed the caster of the front wheels to match the highered rear end.

And I can’t get enough of it:

In case you’re wondering what car this used to be: it took me some time to figure out but it is a facelifted JDM Toyota Crown MS110.

Simply hilarious! :D

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