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Carina Sightings: Bosozoku Style Carina coupe

I already posted this Carina on last monday, but I really have to share it here! The Carina is a bit hard to detect under all that extra bodywork, but if you look close enough you will surely recognize it as a Carina coupe! To be more exact: it is the white car @0:10, 0:15, 0:24, 3:06, 3:12, so more than enough opportunities to see it! ;)

Initially I thought there was a Toyota Celica A60 underneath all those spoilers and wings. With the front and rear section gone it was a bit hard to see: the mid section of the A60 is shared between the Ceclia and Carina coupe and they are almost identical to eachother. The headlights kind of revealed it to me: the parkinglights in the middle were gone. Then I looked at the doorhandles, sure enough they are older type sticking out of the bodywork and not sunken into the door. And last I saw the vertical stripes on the B pilar which was only on the Carina and not on the Celica.

I have been searching several sites for more videos/pictures of this car, but so far none of my searches have proved to be fruitful. When I do find more on this car I’ll certainly post more about it! :)

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  1. B-San

    Damn! That song is pure class!
    :D Wonder what its called…

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