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WW Kick-off 2013: it started to snow

I’ll continue where I left off: right at this Honda Civic.

For some unknown reason the whole meeting was overcrowded by Civics and for another unknown reason the roads around the meetup were clogged up with high revving VTECs. Once is funny, a couple of time is nice, but after several hours it just gets plain annoying.
Wangan Warriors: Honda Civic EF
Anyway, let’s talk a bit about this Civic: I think the IKEA background suits this Civic. This Civic does not seem to have a clear theme and is a bit of various popular parts together. Take a bra / nose protector, ground scrapingly low coilover set, wide steelies and you are done with it.

Of course that summary is very harsh and I actually did like the car as a whole and took several more pictures of it… Continue reading

WW Kick-off 2013: the arrival!

Enroute to the Wangan Warriors 2013 season kick-off I already encountered a group of sports cars (Skyline R32, Silvia S12 and a Subaru WRX) but when I came near to the meeting grounds the sports and performance cars were literally swarming from all directions!
Wangan Warriors: Arrival

This Nissan 200SX S13 was parked next to the entrance was remained glued to my retina for the remainder of the meeting:
Wangan Warriors: Nissan 200SX S13
So if this is his mum’s car…his car should be even messier? :P

The interior looks serious though… Continue reading

WW Kick-off 2013: first impressions

No April’s fools today but my genuine impression on yesterday’s Wangan Warriors kick-off 2013 meetup!
I think this picture sums up most of the meeting:
Wangan Warriors: 4 door Honda Civic EF
Many people with great cars (even though not all my style) and many people with cameras meeting up. I just loved the atmosphere and everybody thought the same even though it started to snow a couple of times…

More photos following later on!

Wangan Warriors meeting 10: Girly cars!

Car meetings are generally visited by boys (and their toys) but lately I do see more and more girls visiting these meetings. Some of them also bring along their own (tuned) cars.

I featured this Suzuki already in the stickerbomb posting, but nevertheless it is a girl’s car:
It's a girls car!!
Hello Kitty stickerbomb: it can’t get more girly than that!

It was not the only one around: this Honda Civic was also marked with the same It’s a girl’s car sticker:
It is a girls car

This is how the car looks as a whole:
Girly Civic

So what does she do with Pedobear then?
Girly Civic

The Civic was not only covered in flowers on the outside, the inside was well treated as well:
Civic Steering wheel
Not really my cup of tea… ;)

That’s it for the Wangan Warriors meeting 10. I really enjoyed the meeting and will certainly go to a next meeting as well!

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