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Female reporter in a Nissan R810V at 1986 JSPC

We all saw the video of Itsuki’s voice actor screaming his lungs out when Keiichi Tsuchya takes him on a drift ride. Well, how about this female reporter riding along with Haruto Yanagida in the Nissan R810V shortly before the 1986 JSPC?

She literally screams her lungs out after the first two corners and bursts into tears when the lap is over… Poor girl…

I must say I probably would not like to trade places with her. The Nissan R810V was based upon the Lola T810 chassis and was powered by a high performance tuned Nissan VG30ET V6 engine. There were no official power outputs of this car, but its IMSA brother had an power output of 641hp and only a weight of 860kg! Imagine driving launched from 90km/h to 300km/h in a few seconds on a wet Fuji Speedway straight: I would probably scream as well. :o

Keiichi Tsuchiya pre freshman series touge video (early 80s)

Do you remember this picture of the Drift King?
Two Keiichi Tsuchiyas?
Two Keiichi Tsuchiyas?

I posted that picture of Keiichi Tsuchiya in his younger years half a year ago. Back then I judged from his glasses that it shot was before he did the Pluspy video and now I got proof of that! A new rogue video of Keiichi drifing in the early 80s emerged where he drifts several cars (including a Corolla TE37, Sunny B210 and a Skyline C110!) on his home touge and he does wear the very same glasses:
Keiichi Tsuchiya rogue video
Keiichi Tsuchiya rogue video

Unfortunately the user who posted it on Youtube did not allow the video to be embedded, so you will have to do with the screenshot above. To watch the video go here:
Keiichi Tsuchiya drifting touges before his freshman series

Optionland Exciting Car Showdown 2009

I read on the Impulse blog that they are going to attend for the first time the Optionland Exciting Car Showdown on 4th and 5th of April 2009.
Optionland Exciting Car Showdown is indeed organized by Option Video and is a yearly carshow held in the first weekend of April in Nagoya:
Daijiro Inada and Tsuchiya opening the 2008 Optionland showdown
Daijiro Inada and Tsuchiya opening the 2008 Optionland showdown

I immediately went to the Optionland Showdown page and looked through the pictures of 2008 and I surely did find a lot of great looking cars:
Great looking Trueno GT (2 door) from icode
Great looking Trueno GT (2 door) from icode

Super clean Levin with widened fenders
Super clean Levin with widened fenders

And of course this N2 Levin AE86:
Beautiful N2 Levin AE86
Beautiful N2 Levin AE86

Also this nicely tuned Nissan Crew, probably with a highly tuned RB26DETT engine:
Tuned Nissan Crew with RB26DETT
Tuned Nissan Crew with RB26DETT

The Nissan Crew is the counterpart of the Toyota Comfort GT-Z, however it has got a bit more

And what about classic racers like this Corolla Levin TE27?
Corolla Levin TE27 racer
Corolla Levin TE27 racer

And an almost classic Nissan Skyline R30 tuned for speed:

Zenki Nissan Skyline R30

Its setup looks a bit similar to a well known DR30 racer.

The Impulse hachis are in my opinion a great addition to the Optionland Exciting Car Showdown! If 2008 was already that good I can’t wait till 4th of April to see this years showdown!

Keiichi Tsuchiya learns cops how to drift

Just found this video on Crunchyroll about Keiichi Tsuchiya who instructs a couple of cops how to drift:
Keiichi Tsuchiya instructs cops how to drift
Keiichi Tsuchiya learns cops how to drift

Also Ken Nomura (Nomuken) features in this video and gives his best shot at a Toyota Crown policecar. He fails (possibly on purpose) and Keiichi takes over the attempt with a 4 door R34 Skyline and he succeeds in drifting it.

The video itself is quite funny to watch, but most probably all setup beforehand since it is a Hot Version video after all. Unfortunately Crunchyroll does not support embedding of videos, so you will have to visit Crunchyroll itself to view the video:
[Keiichi Tsuchiya instructs cops how to drift]

Keiichi Tsuchiya’s 1989 Group A JTCC coverage

I was browsing some movies on Youtube and found a lot of Group A coverage of the Japanese Touring Car Championship during the 80s. Lots of cool cars like the Toyota Corolla AE86, Nissan Skyline DR30 and in later coverage the Nissan Skyline HR31.

During the JTCC 1989 season the coverage was illustrated by Keiichi Tsuchiya. During that era Keiichi Tsuchiya drove the Sierra RS500 for Cosmo Oil and you can see him sitting in the Cosmo Oil pitbox. I only found two coverages so far and hopefully I will find some more later on…

First race:

This race was held on the West Circuit (Mine circuit) and Keiichi and his co-driver qualified 8th and finished eleventh.

Second race:

This race was held at the Sendai Highland Raceway and Keiichi and his co-driver qualified 8th and finished 3rd. It is great to see that the AE86 wasn’t entirely dead in 1989: the Trampio Levin is still driving around. ;)

This is a few years after when his pluspy videos (with the Levin and Trueno) was shot:
First pluspy video (Levin)
Second pluspy video (Trueno)
Same glasses and footage of the AE82 FX number 38 he drove during the 5th round of the JTCC on the Fuji International Speedway in november 9th 1986.

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