I was browsing some movies on Youtube and found a lot of Group A coverage of the Japanese Touring Car Championship during the 80s. Lots of cool cars like the Toyota Corolla AE86, Nissan Skyline DR30 and in later coverage the Nissan Skyline HR31.

During the JTCC 1989 season the coverage was illustrated by Keiichi Tsuchiya. During that era Keiichi Tsuchiya drove the Sierra RS500 for Cosmo Oil and you can see him sitting in the Cosmo Oil pitbox. I only found two coverages so far and hopefully I will find some more later on…

First race:

This race was held on the West Circuit (Mine circuit) and Keiichi and his co-driver qualified 8th and finished eleventh.

Second race:

This race was held at the Sendai Highland Raceway and Keiichi and his co-driver qualified 8th and finished 3rd. It is great to see that the AE86 wasn’t entirely dead in 1989: the Trampio Levin is still driving around. ;)

This is a few years after when his pluspy videos (with the Levin and Trueno) was shot:
First pluspy video (Levin)
Second pluspy video (Trueno)
Same glasses and footage of the AE82 FX number 38 he drove during the 5th round of the JTCC on the Fuji International Speedway in november 9th 1986.