Female reporter in a Nissan R810V at 1986 JSPC

Female reporter in a Nissan R810V at 1986 JSPC

We all saw the video of Itsuki’s voice actor screaming his lungs out when Keiichi Tsuchya takes him on a drift ride. Well, how about this female reporter riding along with Haruto Yanagida in the Nissan R810V shortly before the 1986 JSPC?

She literally screams her lungs out after the first two corners and bursts into tears when the lap is over… Poor girl…

I must say I probably would not like to trade places with her. The Nissan R810V was based upon the Lola T810 chassis and was powered by a high performance tuned Nissan VG30ET V6 engine. There were no official power outputs of this car, but its IMSA brother had an power output of 641hp and only a weight of 860kg! Imagine driving launched from 90km/h to 300km/h in a few seconds on a wet Fuji Speedway straight: I would probably scream as well. 😮

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