Just found this video on Crunchyroll about Keiichi Tsuchiya who instructs a couple of cops how to drift:
Keiichi Tsuchiya instructs cops how to drift
Keiichi Tsuchiya learns cops how to drift

Also Ken Nomura (Nomuken) features in this video and gives his best shot at a Toyota Crown policecar. He fails (possibly on purpose) and Keiichi takes over the attempt with a 4 door R34 Skyline and he succeeds in drifting it.

The video itself is quite funny to watch, but most probably all setup beforehand since it is a Hot Version video after all. Unfortunately Crunchyroll does not support embedding of videos, so you will have to visit Crunchyroll itself to view the video:
[Keiichi Tsuchiya instructs cops how to drift]