The owner of this second-generation Honda Civic strikes such a strange pose that I immediately had to think of the wacky Madness Japanese TV ads for the Honda City! It’s like he’s doing that strange Madness-walking dance!

Honda Civic owner doing the Madness walking-dance
Honda Civic owner doing the Madness walking-dance

If you are unfamiliar with what that dance looks like, this is the album art of the Madness Honda City LP that was released in Japan:

Album art for Madness' Honda City LP
Album art for Madness’ Honda City LP

In the right middle, you can see the strange walking dance they perform in the Honda City TV ads. If you are curious what that looks like, here is one:

The owner of the Honda Civic is wearing a loose-fitted suit with some baggy pants. Perhaps he was referring to Madness’ other hit Baggy Trousers in that photo? It’s definitely one photo I’d keep in my family album!

If I had to pick a tagline for the photo, it would be “Hondahondahondahonda”!

Via rainy_touge_club