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Baggy Trousers with my Honda Civic – Family Album Treasures

The owner of this second-generation Honda Civic strikes such a strange pose that I immediately had to think of the wacky Madness Japanese TV ads for the Honda City! It’s like he’s doing that strange Madness-walking dance!

Honda Civic owner doing the Madness walking-dance
Honda Civic owner doing the Madness walking-dance

If you are unfamiliar with what that dance looks like, this is the album art of the Madness Honda City LP that was released in Japan:

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Down on the Street: Honda Prelude Mk4

I spotted this fourth generation Honda Prelude in the parking lot of my previous employer. The Prelude itself is the European 2.3i model with 4 wheel steering and is rapidly becoming a rarity.
Down on the Street: Honda Prelude MK4
Even though it looks stock there have been a couple of modifications on this car: the tail lights have been replaced by Lexus-look items and a tow hook has been added. I really wonder who thought a tow hook would look great on a car? Well, given the engine has 209Nm torque it should not be a big problem to haul a caravan with this car…

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Commercial Time: German Honda City ad

We all know the Honda City is a great car and even the British band Madness agreed with that. Even in Germany they agreed, however they all got it wrong in Germany!
Commercial Time: Honda Jazz
First of all the Honda City is called the Honda Jazz in Europe because some German car company (Opel) complained that people would confuse the City name with their car with a totally different name (Kadett) because it featured a trim model (City) that sounded like it. Did you get that, mkay?

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Hilarious: CCB – Romantic ga tomaranai

The CoConut Boys (C-C-B) are a quite well known band in Japan. They made a few hitsongs during the 80s. Lately they featured a song on the soundtrack of Densha Otoko and since I was looking for a different song on that soundtrack I came across C-C-B’s Romantic Ga Tomaranai (1985):

Wow! 80s sunglasses, 80s synthesizers, electronic drum kit, gelly hair and synchronous ballet dancing! Talk about 80s here!!

IMHO synchronous ballet dancing in videoclips is the worst thing ever happened to popular music! But it surely gives you that 80s feeling. Anyway, the synchronous ballet wasn’t the only thing they ripped: they also copied Madness with their white suits walking in a straight line. Also the whole clip feels a bit 80s anime as well: it is really comic like, especially with the exaggerated samurai.

Best thing of this band is that they had Kim Jung Il as their drummer:
Kim Jung Il drumming for the CoConut Boys
Kim Jung Il drumming for the CoConut Boys

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