I spotted this fourth generation Honda Prelude in the parking lot of my previous employer. The Prelude itself is the European 2.3i model with 4 wheel steering and is rapidly becoming a rarity.
Down on the Street: Honda Prelude MK4
Even though it looks stock there have been a couple of modifications on this car: the tail lights have been replaced by Lexus-look items and a tow hook has been added. I really wonder who thought a tow hook would look great on a car? Well, given the engine has 209Nm torque it should not be a big problem to haul a caravan with this car…

I did change the format of the Down on the Street video since last time a bit:

I hope you enjoy the change. ;)

Just in case you don’t know what the hell happened in the first ten seconds: the music is a parody on One Step Beyond by Madness and a slight nod to the Honda City ads they did in the early 80s:

Direct link to videos: Down on the Street: Honda Prelude Mk4 and HONDA CITY CM 『ホンダ シティ』