Collections: LHD Toyota Sports 800

This Toyota Sports 800 was one of the highlights of the memory lane at the Dutch Toyota 50th anniversary last year. The car originates from Belgium and the owner is a Belgian Toyota dealer. He comforted me that he has enough parts to build another one.
Collections: Toyota Sports 800
Now you may wonder how it can be that this car is a left hand drive car. Did it get converted to left hand drive? No. This car is one of 300 that actually was built left hand drive by Toyota.

Even though toying with the idea to sell it in the US market Toyota actually only sold the Sports 800 in Japan.

After world war two the US took control of the Japanese island Okinawa and made the whole island drive on the right, meaning all cars should be left hand drive. The US returned control of the island already in 1972 but it only on 30th of July 1978 the island reverted this change and conformed to the Japanese standard of right hand drive.

After seeing this car I finally understood why people want one. Even though it is small, underpowered and any modern Toyota has better road capabilities the car still didn’t loose its magic: it may be small but that actually is the fun. It may be underpowered but that actually is the fun. It may be cornering terrible compared to a modern Corolla but mastering any corner in this car is actually fun. This whole car is fun to drive.

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