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Doubling down on the Nissan Prairie – Down on the Street

Ten years ago I posted a set of blue Nissan Prairie twins I encountered in my hometown in Down on the Street. I happened to see one of the pair occasionally, the latest encounter happened three years ago in 2021 at a petrol station. As I wrote a few months ago, I bring my daughter to school in a neighbouring town and I tend to explore the area to find quicker routes or to avoid traffic. On one such route, I was able to find the Prairie hideout!

Blue 1985 Nissan Prairie - encounter at a petrol station
Blue 1985 Nissan Prairie – encounter at a petrol station

Nissan Prairie and Stanza Wagon

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Amazing auction find: a Toyota Celica Supra MA61 wall clock

Oh my. I posted this Celica Supra MA61 wall clock video already two months ago on Youtube! Time to do some catching up again!
genuine toyota celica supra ma61 wall clock

My Carina Digital Dashboard wallclock

I have covered this Carina digital dashboard clock in a video some time ago. It is an amazingly rare item that you hardly ever come by, and it took me six long years before I found another one!

What about a Celica Supra Digital Dashboard wallclock?

Since Toyota has made a clock for the Carina, naturally you would expect Toyota to have made similar items for other models. And of course they did: I found this Toyota Celica XX (also known as the Toyota Celica Supra MA61 outside Japan) wall clock for sale on Yahoo Auctions for the mere price of 28000 yen! (about 250 US dollars!) See the video below: Continue reading

Collections: LHD Toyota Sports 800

This Toyota Sports 800 was one of the highlights of the memory lane at the Dutch Toyota 50th anniversary last year. The car originates from Belgium and the owner is a Belgian Toyota dealer. He comforted me that he has enough parts to build another one.
Collections: Toyota Sports 800
Now you may wonder how it can be that this car is a left hand drive car. Did it get converted to left hand drive? No. This car is one of 300 that actually was built left hand drive by Toyota.

Even though toying with the idea to sell it in the US market Toyota actually only sold the Sports 800 in Japan. Continue reading

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