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Down on the Street: a JDM Eunos Roadster!

During my weekly Saturday shopping I spotted a Eunos Roadster parked in a busy shopping street. Naturally I stopped and checked it out!
Down on the Street: Eunos Roadster
The Eunos Roadster is a rarity on the European continental soil as it is right hand drive and we had more than enough of the “normal” Mazda MX5 supply.

I decided try something different and make a down on the street video of the Eunos Roadster this time:

That makes me wonder who imported this car and where was it imported from? It could have been imported from either Japan or the UK, but we can’t be sure here. It can’t be the original UK license plate is still mounted at the front of the car as those plates are supposed to be white-on-black. We’ll probably never know…

So tell me what you think of it? Any improvements I can make? I’m all open for suggestions. ;)

Direct link to video: Down on the Street: a JDM Eunos Roadster


  1. B-san

    Blijkbaar ben ik niet meer de enige met een black & tan Eunos in ‘t land. Helaas heeft dit exemplaar behoorlijk wat liefde nodig…

    • banpei

      Haha. Wist niet dat je inmiddels een Eunos in je bezit hebt.
      Komt binnenkort weer een video van een MX5 aan!

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