Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Not dead yet…

It has been a while since the last posting on the blog. To be more precise: 37 days and the posting before that another 24 days. It is a miracle nobody called 911 yet! ;)
The past three months have been quite difficult and stressful for me in terms of personal life so I haven’t had the time nor the feeling to blog about anything. I have the feeling everything I’m getting back on my feet again so whenever I have time and feel to post I won’t hesitate. (I know… promises…)
I’m also going to attend the JapFest event at Zandvoort this weekend, which used to be called Japanse Autosport Festival in the past. Looking forward going there and shooting many many many photos and videos!

Anyway, to keep you satisfied in the meanwhile how about reposting some deep dished SSR rims by Zeppann?
Deep dished SSR rims
Is that deep enough?

In case you are wondering which model rims they are:
Deep dished SSR rims
Top row: SSR Mk I, middle row: SSR Mk III, bottom row: unknown. (Can someone identify them?

In case you are interested in following Zeppann, you can find his blog here: Zeppann


  1. Joakim Nyberg

    Those wheels would look so much better on my car than on that shelf :(

    • banpei

      Yes they would! ;)

  2. Leo

    Datsun 510 Libre wheels?

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