Not dead yet…

May 6, 2015 in rims

It has been a while since the last posting on the blog. To be more precise: 37 days and the posting before that another 24 days. It is a miracle nobody called 911 yet! 😉
The past three months have been quite difficult and stressful for me in terms of personal life so I haven’t had the time nor the feeling to blog about anything. I have the feeling everything I’m getting back on my feet again so whenever I have time and feel to post I won’t hesitate. (I know… promises…)
I’m also going to attend the JapFest event at Zandvoort this weekend, which used to be called Japanse Autosport Festival in the past. Looking forward going there and shooting many many many photos and videos!

Anyway, to keep you satisfied in the meanwhile how about reposting some deep dished SSR rims by Zeppann?
Deep dished SSR rims
Is that deep enough?

In case you are wondering which model rims they are: Read the rest of this entry →

Family Album Treasures: Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE47 zokusha

January 4, 2014 in Family Album Treasures

This Toyota Sprinter Trueno TE47 was a corner case: I could have posted it on the bosozoku style blog but decided otherwise because it contained an excellent Family Album Treasure:
Family Album Treasures: Trueno TE47 zokusha
The Sprinter Trueno TE47 is actually one of my favorite cars and high on my if I ever win a million I will have to buy this car list. And it is not like it is made from unobtainium: they were sold in small numbers here in Europe. 🙂
The Trueno is actually owned by his buddy, hence he is not in front of the car. But there is a nice bosozoku vibe in the picture: hanging out with your gang buddies.

More interesting is what his buddy did to the Trueno TE47:
Family Album Treasures: Trueno TE47 zokusha
Overfenders and deep dished SSR Mk 1 rims at the rear. Looks like the stock Toyota fenders got some banding treatment as well.

Found at yoza1282

WTF: Suzuki Fronte delivery van on SSR Mk I rims!

January 12, 2012 in WTF

I can imagine putting a Suzuki Fronte (aka Alto) on a set of SSR Mk I rims, but putting the Fronte delivery van (with CA72V modifications) on a set was totally new for me!
suzuki alto ca72v on ssr mk 1 rims
I didn’t know they were made this small (13 inch, 5J +45). It looks wicked and almost an kaido racer without even modifying it at all!

Found at Minkara

Choices: what kyusha wheel is the best?

October 14, 2011 in choices

Choosing the right wheels for your car is just as important as choosing the right shoes to go with your suit on prom night. To illustrate it a bit more this Skyline DR30 owner will show you the difference between various 15 inch Kyusha wheels: Enkei Focus, SSR Mk I, Work Equip and SSR Tomcat.
kyusha wheel choices enkei focus
This is how the Enkei Focus look like. These polished rims really makes itself stand out a bit more than the looks of the DR30.

So how about the SSR Mk I rims then? Read the rest of this entry →

Carina Sightings: 298local’s AA63

June 1, 2011 in carina sightings

At first I thought hey, a shot of Abunai Deka with the SA60 wagon! and immediately followed by the drifting Carina. No wait! Two drifting Carinas!

The white Carina AA63 has a set of SSR Mk I rims on the rear and Mk II rims at the front. I also spotted some flashes of Ebisu North there! Looks like 298local surely had some fun there!

Epic: the tunnel of (AE86) love!

May 30, 2011 in epic

Now these lovely love-sounds are just music in my ears!

The clip was made by Mouwt in a Corolla Levin AE86 with the use of on a set of Hayashi Streets (and SSR Mk1 rims) and a Janspeed exhaust.