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Not dead yet…

It has been a while since the last posting on the blog. To be more precise: 37 days and the posting before that another 24 days. It is a miracle nobody called 911 yet! ;)
The past three months have been quite difficult and stressful for me in terms of personal life so I haven’t had the time nor the feeling to blog about anything. I have the feeling everything I’m getting back on my feet again so whenever I have time and feel to post I won’t hesitate. (I know… promises…)
I’m also going to attend the JapFest event at Zandvoort this weekend, which used to be called Japanse Autosport Festival in the past. Looking forward going there and shooting many many many photos and videos!

Anyway, to keep you satisfied in the meanwhile how about reposting some deep dished SSR rims by Zeppann?
Deep dished SSR rims
Is that deep enough?

In case you are wondering which model rims they are: Continue reading

Toyota Soarer Z1 rims

On a Celica Supra forum I found a topic about a Japanese Celica XX Meeting. For those who don’t know the Celica XX: outside Japan it got sold as the Celica Supra MK2, also known as the MA6x and the GA6x. So it shares the same platform as the Celica and Carina A6.

I this topic I found a picture of one Celica XX wearing Toyota Soarer MK1 rims:
JDM Toyota Soarer MK1 Z1 rims, same as Celica Supra rims but with different centercaps

Normally I would have called them “Celica Supra rims”, just like I did with my rims on the Carina. Technically they aren’t Celica Supra rims since they featured on the Celica, Carina and Soarer as well.

Anyway, as you can see the Soarer rims have the Soarer logo (a griffin) on the centercaps instead of the Toyota logo on the normal rims. Of course I love to have these centercaps on my rims as well! Anyone got a set of those centercaps lying around?? ;)

Ordered Falken tires for the Celica Supra rims

I ordered the tires through Delticom ( for the Celica Supra rims yesterday. Falken ZIEX ZE-912 became my choice since I had some good experience with the Falken ZIEX ZE-512 under my Trueno.

This is how they look:
Falken ZIEX ZE-912
The ZE-912 are asymmetric tires which should be a slight improvement above the ZE-512.

Please note that these tires are bought for grip since my Carina is not really a powerhouse, so what use would it be to buy something else than grip tires? ;)

What rims to choose for the Carina?

I thought I finally made up my mind, but unfortunately I’m doubting again…

The story started when I just bought my TA60 Carina and The Doctor (user on AEU86) offered me some retro 13 inch OZ wheels. They looked fantastic, however when I put them under the Carina I noticed that the only way they would look nice would be if I lowered the car at least 5cm…
13inch retro OZ rims
Then I spotted some advert on Markplaats offering 15 inch Zenki (early type) Celica Supra wheels. These wheels are 6J with an offset of 20 and would nicely fit under the Carina. However Robokill (another user on AEU86) was in need of 15 inch Celica Supra wheels because his 14 inch don’t fit around the RX7 FC calipers he’s going to use on his AE86 racer.
15 inch Celica Supra rims
Now Joe sells 3 sets (3 sets!!!) of Wantanabes!
14inch Wantanabe
If I only had the money… :( :( :(

Perhaps selling the Celica Supra rims to some Japanese ricer will make enough money. ;)

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