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Down on the Street: updated Honda Prelude Mk5

Remember this Honda Prelude mk5 I shared two months ago?
Down on the Street: Honda Prelude mk 5
Back then I stated that it must be owned by someone who appreciates JDM.

Well I spotted it again this morning during my daily bike ride to work:
Down on the Street: Honda Prelude Mk5
And it looks a bit different as the owner updated the Prelude to a new level!

As you can see a bit closer up the front fenders have been swapped for a set of vented FRP fenders:
Down on the Street: Honda Prelude Mk5
Above a nasty (parking?) dent a spoiler has been added to the bootlid.

Down on the Street: Honda Prelude Mk5
Also the Drag Wheels rims have been swapped for a proper set of JDM shoes!

Down on the Street: Honda Prelude Mk5
Yes: original 5zigen Hyper 5zr rims! I have no idea what size they are (18 inch?) as both photos did not cover the tire size. I foolishly thought the quick snapshot would cover that but it didn’t. So next time I’ll all the tiresize to the checklist. ;)

Now the last (blurry) photo was a bit awkward because as you can see the backrest of the driver seat is not visible:
Down on the Street: Honda Prelude Mk5
By the time I took this photo I realized that something was odd: the backrest reclined, some blankets covering the driver seat and the car parked in a rushed way. Yes: someone was probably asleep in there!
I could have been wrong and assumed the wrong thing. I doubted for 10 seconds whether I should wake up the person inside but felt too awkward to do so and left as silently as possible the scene and biked to work.


  1. gred

    inb4 reveal of dead body :D

    • banpei

      Haha. The car was gone the next day so I guess they got rid of it. ;)

  2. tom

    Looks great but the bumper sticker kinda ruins it

  3. Sedin

    I’m the owner of this Prelude. Someone hitted my car when I was working.

    I’m sorry for this late reply. I was sleeping in the car, because I was too tired to drive to my home(next to BNN)

    Atm I have a Red Prelude on Lpg too (:

    • banpei

      Sorry to hear someone hit your car.
      I have seen the red Prelude around town and I already suspected it would be owned by the same person as the one who owned the black one. The red one looks great! Any plans for modifications yet?

      • Sedin

        I still have the black one

        I want a Lpg-turbo on low boost(7-8psi)

        Still searching for the right color for my car. First I thought of candy Apple Red, but now I am thing of an gold Metallic Colour. Also bought the Greddy front lip and High Wing together with the roof spoiler.

        The car has a vMax of 225 km/h, but doesn’t go that hard above 200 km/h

        Also Tried to buy my old wheels back, but the present owner doesn’t want to ttrade or sell it for a reasonable price( €220).

        • banpei

          The red one still has the original wheels, right?

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