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Carina Sightings: Hungarian GA62

A few weeks back I found a video of a Carina TA62 on Youtube where it stated that it had received a 1G-E swap so I got interested in the project, especially as it is an Hungarian project.
1G-E powered Carina GA60
So I commented on the video and received an email from the owner with links to these photos.

For the record this is the video and it is a bit hard to see:

1G-E powered Carina GA60
The engine is a 1G-E from a Cressida. Looking at the engine I suspect the donor to be a GX61.

Here is another video where the engine is fired up the first time:

I’m really curious on drift videos from this little beast.

And this is what the increased torque is capable of:
1G-E powered Carina GA60
So has anyone got a 1G lying around for me? :P

If you are interested, this is their Facebook page.

Direct link to video: Carina 1G-E swap.. and Carina szárnypróbálgatás a swap után….


  1. Thomas

    i had a 1G-GTE for until about 2 weeks ago :P

    • banpei


  2. Boomer


    Im the owner the carina…the engine is broken the crank bearings is off because the oil pump was cracked…the new project is the 5MGE and turbonetics T3T4…if we done then send some pictures…cheers :-))

    • banpei

      5MGE? Sounds you really like the inline 6-es over the original four pot. :)

      • Boomer

        Oh yes…:-) some people told me the 4age but i need the inline six sound and it…and unique…:-)

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