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ITT2012: loose ends

My final ITT 2012 post and after that I’m done with the interesting photos from this great festival. ;)

So first of all there was a large German delegation from the Toyota Oldies site where the owner brought his rare Toyota Tercel Snow 4WD (AL25):
ITT: Toyota Tercel Snow 4WD

I just love the snow branding on the Tercel:
ITT: Toyota Tercel Snow 4WD
Just feels like Toyota was trying to convince potential Tercel buyers who were scared to spin out during winter to buy this car instead. :D

From the same era was this perfectly restored Celica RA61:
ITT: Celica XT RA61
The car was for sale, but its “has been valued over 12000 euros” sign told me enough: nice to be in a museum but out of reach for anyone else…

Another beautiful car was this imported and restored Corolla coupe KE35:
ITT: Toyota Corolla coupe KE35
It does feature the world’s ugliest hubcaps but apart from that I would own it any day!

Last but not least this Crown wagon MS50:
ITT: Toyota Crown wagon MS50
A fun fact is that the rear window reclines in the rear door which also opens sideways.
Perfectly restored only a couple of years ago and this car only drives a few hundred kilometers per year.

That’s it from this years Internationaal Toyota Treffen. Next year the regular JCS will be held again.


  1. Kevin Goody

    werent these called sprinter caribs in japan??

    • banpei

      Correct. On one side bit weird they were accounted for the Sprinter range as they were clearly based on the Tercel body, but at the same time the parts for powering the rear were the Sprinter’s propshaft and live axle.

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