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Ebay treasures: KE30 hubcaps and unfinished rims

Unlike what the title says they aren’t exactly for sale at Ebay, but rather on its free of charge Dutch co-site called Marktplaats.

Over two years ago I found the worlds ugliest hubcaps on Marktplaats. I found another Corolla KE30 hubcap set for sale at Marktplaats:
Marktplaats KE30 hubcaps
Marktplaats KE30 hubcaps

Last time I did get a lot of emails from people who wanted them, but I was unable to get them because that set got sold. So if you really want them, be quick and I might be able to arrange them for you. :)

Then I also bumped into these rims, advertised as suitable for an AE86 . and had a big laugh about the picture:
AE86 rimsL: Only needs a bit of color
AE86 rimsL: Only needs a bit of color

Basically the MS Paint text roughly translates into:
Only needs a bit of color. AE86 Toyota 4x 15 inch
Damn funny! :D

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