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WTF: Drop a 1UZ-FZE SC in a Celica XX GZ61

What is even more impressive than the Motorfix 1UZ (with ITBs) powered UZE70 Corolla? A supercharged 1UZ Celica XX GA61 (aka the Celica Supra mk.2) with its supercharger sticking out of the bonnet in Mad Max style!

Spotted by 28865737ADEK HistoriX Japan 2011


  1. 86life

    This is Ewan’s Celica. He runs a business out of Japan called Hayatonka exporting car parts from Yahoo Japan to New Zealand. He’s a Kiwi too.

  2. Art Van Scheppingen

    Cool! I didn’t know that!
    I’ll try to find some more of his awesome GA61!
    (I just noticed the typo in the title…)

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