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Japanese rustoseums (part twentyseven)

This little red shortnose Skyline Coupe KGC10 is rusting away somewhere on a junkyard. It must be there for a long time now: even a tree is growing out of the side windows!
shortnose Nissan Skyline KGC10
shortnose Nissan Skyline KGC10

This 1800GL coupe is probably the most unloved model of the hakosuka Skyline because it lacks both the extended wheelbase of the other coupes and at the same time it lacks the smooth lines of the sedan/wagon. You can’t even make GT-R replica out of it, so naturally everybody scraps these little coupes…

Found at [Busakkuma]


  1. Don

    That’s actually a PC10, short nose 4cyl. GC10 is 6 cyl long nose

    • banpei

      Strange but you are right: I was under the impression the P in the KPGC10 stood for the S20 engine, while the G stood for GT. But apparently I was misinformed as the combination of PG stands for S20, while the P without G stands for the 4 cylinder G series engines. See also here:

  2. Sharm

    It’s a KC10. G stands for longnose. P for S20.

    • banpei

      See the blog posting above: it states the P can be either the S20 or the G series engine. Depending on the G the P will denote a longnose S20 or a shortnose G16 or G18.

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