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Carina Sightings: big spoilered and scooped Carina GT-R

Even though this Carina GT-R has the biggest spoiler I’ve seen so far (apart from the GT spoilers) and a ridiculous scoop on its bonnet it is still looking great. Must be the periodically correct wheels that match up with the spoiler and scoop.
Carina AA63 with big spoiler and hood scoop
Carina AA63 with big spoiler and hood scoop

Unfortunately the picture is too blurry to make out what these rims actually are. They look a bit like SSR Mk III rims but at the same time they could very well be SSR Star Formula or Work Excel rims…

Found at [masa_GT-B]

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  1. Teemu

    Never tought that a big ducktail could look so awesome in a carina sedan. My TA60 will someday be black and I have been looking for same styled rims so a “boso” ducktail would look badass in it. :)

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