Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Japanese rustoseums (part twentyfour)

This time rusty J-tin from the old world: a Dutch Toyota Corolla KE20 crumbling away next to a B-road. The Corolla appears to be in a reasonable state, but since it has been parked there for years now I fear the worst. Unless someone pays a ridiculous amount of money the owners will leave it there till it has merged together with the soil…
Dutch Corolla KE20
Dutch Corolla KE20

I passed this rusty rolla many many times but never actually stopped to take a picture of it. The picture was taken by Dutch Toyota Club board-member Marco when he passed it. Since he already took the picture it saves me the trouble of taking my own. ;)

Found at [Dutch Toyota club]


  1. oldskull

    deze corolla staat toch bij amstelhoek?


  2. banpei

    Klopt. :)

  3. oldskull

    Ach ok… trouwens ik heb nog wat fotos voor je blog :) zal eens naar jouw email opsturen

  4. banpei

    Graag! Je weet mijn adres. ;)

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