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ITT2012: Shakotan Corolla KE20

One of the cars at the Internationaal Toyota Treffen has been my favorite for a long time now:
ITT: Toyota KE20 with 2T-G
Thomas’ (aka The Doctor) Corolla KE20 started out as a Belgian rally modified Corolla KE20 and after blowing up his engine twice he decided to take it off the road and rebuild it from the ground up again!

The work and effort he put into the project can really be seen: Continue reading

Japanese rustoseums (part twentyfour)

This time rusty J-tin from the old world: a Dutch Toyota Corolla KE20 crumbling away next to a B-road. The Corolla appears to be in a reasonable state, but since it has been parked there for years now I fear the worst. Unless someone pays a ridiculous amount of money the owners will leave it there till it has merged together with the soil…
Dutch Corolla KE20
Dutch Corolla KE20

I passed this rusty rolla many many times but never actually stopped to take a picture of it. The picture was taken by Dutch Toyota Club board-member Marco when he passed it. Since he already took the picture it saves me the trouble of taking my own. 😉

Found at [Dutch Toyota club]

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