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DOTS: Toyota Supra MA70

Even though the Toyota Supra 3.0 turbo MA70 isn’t that rare I hardly spot one in the wild. This one was driving in front of me when I visited our second Dutch office for my work. Lucky enough it parked in the same multi-storey car park as I did.
Toyota Supra MA70
Toyota Supra MA70

I took a quick snapshot with my phone cam and a better picture with my analogue camera that still needs to be developed…


  1. The Doctor

    Have you seen the Supra Database?
    You can check the reg there and see the history of the car (if it’s known)

  2. jotoa

    my father had one in white, then painted it yellow.

    that was a great car.

  3. banpei

    Unfortunately unknown…

  4. banpei

    I would love to own one. If the space in the rear would be a bit bigger I would consider using it as a family cruiser. ;)

  5. The Doctor

    you can mail photo’s and licence plate and it will be added to the database!

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